About Jamila

My name is Jamila Vriesman and I’ve always been interested in the mind-body-soul connection. After learning about ancient teachings in South America and practicing the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza for years, I’ve built my own formula to deal with mental challenges. Building the bridge between the spiritual world and science.

Jamila’s road to consciousness

After my master Persuasive Communication (2015) in Amsterdam, I decided to travel once again to my favorite part of the world: South-America. This was the beginning of my Spiritual journey. I came in contact with the right people, right places and such wisdom.

After studying nutrition, sports and other energetic healing techniques (Reiki Master). this was the piece that was always missing. Last year things evolved even further.

For the third time I traveled for almost a year to South America. I developed deeper psychic abilities, learned from local communities that taught me all sort of ancient wisdom and I remembered my purpose. Something very important to me as I felt a lot of frustration not knowing how to contribute to this world. I realized I was dimming my light in order to fit in. It blocked me from Seeing clear. The techniques I use within my own coaching are the techniques that helped me where I am today.

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