A Sacred Transformation Journey

Learn how to manifest backed by science in a fun way! Get clear on what you want by learning how to create a clear vision. A vision that’s coming from the heart instead of your ego. I’ll teach you how to embody your vision to draw this reality into your now. When you start practicing this new version of you, you’ll directly find out whats keeps you from thriving. With help of powerful meditations and practices, I’ll let you create your own personalized formula to manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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The Celtic word IMRAMA means a journey of the soul. A voyage on which we don’t know where we are going but our soul knows the way. Where are you being called to journey to? What you are seeking, is seeking you. Join me for a six-week transformation journey. During this journey you’ll become familiar with the science of manifestation based on the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza (neuroscience, quantum physics and the energy centers) and other ancient teachings. I’ll share the knowledge I’ve received living in South America for almost 3 years and attending 6 workshops of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Together we’ll dive into a transformation journey. We’ll close the gap between your current self and future self by giving you practical tools backed by science. This course will let you rise and shine like a radiant being. Together in a safe space wherein you’ll feel supported by a group of like-minded people. Tapping into your power, creating a blueprint for prosperity, magnetizing your future self into your current reality. I’d like to connect with you before we start. Let’s have a quick chat so we start on a personal level. Book the course directly and schedule your intake later on or start with an intake.

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By the end of the IMRAMA course you

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A new IMRAMA Course is about to start and I’d love to start this transformational journey with you. This journey is the beginning of something new and the closure of the gap between your current self and future self. Combining the energetics with the practical. Are you ready to transform and live a more happy and fulfilled life?

Let’s have a quick chat so we start on a personal level

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