Energetic Readings

Are you ready for a journey within? During the energy reading I’ll scan your energy centers and detect which energy centers are in balance and which aren’t. If necessary, I work with the Reiki symbols to help harmonize the energetic field around the energy centers.

In short: The session neutralizes the energy and removes blockages. This can reduce physical and/or emotional complaints. Also practical tools will be given at the end to facilitate the healing process. All sessions are remote.

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Why an energetic reading ?

“Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there”. You con’t see the energy centers of your body. But just because you can’t see the waves, doesn’t mean that they are not there. There are radio waves moving through your room right now. If you turned the radio on, you could tune in to a specific wavelength and pick up a signal that you can hear as a song on the radio. The majority of frequencies are beyond our perception. They can’t be perceived by our senses and so they aren’t real to us.

The 8 so called chakra’s (energy centers) in our body all carry a certain frequency and can be seen as individual centers of information. When the energy center is in balance, you as a person are in balance, Which means e.g. you can easily access your creativity, you feel safe and secure. You work in harmony with one another and feel in harmony with yourself.

If we are in harmony we can easily channel the energy from the first tot he 8th energy center but often the energy gets stuck. Caused by certain events in our lives and the way we react to them. This prevents us from evolving or thriving as a person, we literally feel stuck ourselves. The places in the body where the energy gets stuck are the energy centers associated with the issues you’re dealing with.

During the session I’ll shine light on the places where the energy gets stuck, which neutralizes the energy and removes blockages. I’ll receive the main themes in your life due to visual images, words or symbols during the session. I’ll share my observations after the session with you so you can work with the insights after the session. Combining the energetics with the practical.

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